Class of 2011
Chantal Alleyene, aka “Quiet Storm” (member since 2007)
Tamara Gordon, aka “Da Truth” (member since 2007)
Kim Morton, aka “Numbers” (member since 2007)
Paul Renolis, aka “MacSpeed” (member since 2009)
Class of 2010
Gayrleen Blemur, aka “Gucci B” (member since 2008)
Jonathan Priester, aka “Crazy Hype” (member since 2006)
Please excuse our short-list of members as we are still in the process of finding the information of past X-Ception members.
If we made any mistakes in the information listed above or forgot to list your name, please e-mail with your: full name, x-ception name, class year, and your year of initiation. Thank you!